Battle of the Sexes: the difference between men and women

The Differences Between What Men and Women Want from Each Other Goes Beyond the Obvious

There’s a lot of differences between men and women. Anyone with working eyes can attest to that pretty easily. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that these differences go far beneath surface superficiality. To be sure, that does factor in. But even obvious differences such as size tend to play into things in different ways than one might expect. It all comes out into something that everyone’s familiar with, the battle of the sexes. The name sounds a bit more conflict heavy than many people would be comfortable with. But in truth, that’s a reality that people really can’t escape from. People are among the most civilized beings to ever walk the land or sail the seas. But just because humanity is civilized now doesn’t mean that it’s always been that way.

Look at anyone who’s gone a day or two without food and the hunger will be clear in his eyes. And the same becomes equally true of men and women who are deprived of the equally primal forces hidden within their mating instincts. A human being who can’t eat or mate won’t pass on any genes. This ensures that every generation is born from people who are touch with those drives on some level.

But this connection takes different forms in men and women. Again, size is the most obvious factor when just looking at appearance. Men tend to be tall and have more upper body strength. Women tend to be shorter and have comparatively weaker muscle strength. Even when men and women have comparable lower body mass the man will usually be able to outperform the woman to some extent. This might seem to put women at a big disadvantage at first. But what their bodies lack in muscle, they gain in sex appeal.

A woman’s smaller frame tends to influence her choices of strategy when dealing with the world. On top of that, women tend to have a far more focused sex drive. For men quality certainly matters. But they’re a lot more fickle with their attention. Women tend to be more naturally choosy about who they settle down with. A woman’s lower muscle strength tends to push her to decisions involving working on herself rather than her environment. This pushes her advantages in attraction even higher than it would naturally be. The end effect is that a woman will tend to have multiple men eager to win her interest. As such, she doesn’t really need muscle. She’s able to essentially have her own physical strength and that of multiple suitors all at once.

This highlights one of the biggest secrets of the war between the sexes. Gender is the general laying the plan. And that is a war between men and women. But it’s usually more about men fighting against men and women fighting against women. Any man will usually be befuddled to hear women talking about the fact that they’re not trying to look good for other men. And it’s true, most men won’t notice something as small as colored nails or a new piece of jewelry. Other women do notice though, and their own relation to that woman changes as a result. Intimidating women pushes them out of the public space and gives her access to the higher quality men. Likewise, a man who works hard at the gym might be doing it to attract women’s attention. But it’s more in the sense of being able to measure up better to other men and get noticed. This is also where some of the ideas around commonly used terms like alpha and beta come up. An alpha male pairs up with an alpha female. They’re proving themselves the best. Not just with their own choices but in the way that they push competition down so that potential partners don’t notice them.

It’s also important to remember that this instinctive once never ends. People’s minds can settle on that one special someone and decide to spend their lives with them. But in the back of their minds there’s always an instinctive drive to find the best possible mate. This happens with both men and women, and ignoring it is one of the biggest issues with both marriage and long term relationships. People tend to get into the idea of settling. They stop pushing themselves, and eventually their perceived status among other men and other women can drop. They become confident in the fact that they’re attractive to their partner no matter what. But in reality it’s not just a fight with the opposite sex. It’s a fight with one’s own sex to get the most attention from the opposite sex. And this is where people tend to stumble. It’s nothing wrong with one’s partner or with oneself if interest lags. It’s just a natural response to changing roles and overall attractiveness. The secret to a good relationship with someone of the opposite sex is to simply concentrate on being the best man or woman that one can be. And for someone to find a partner dedicated to keeping up that same battle to keep themselves as attractive as possible.

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When HE Speaks to SHE…

Most of us would agree that there is a certain level of complexity involved when it comes to deciphering communication between people of the opposite sex. This is has a lot to do with the differences in the way that men and women communicate. This difference translates into missed opportunities and confusion more often than not. This is why the fist step toward communicating effectively with a member of the opposite sex is to understand how they think and process the spoken word. Understanding is the first step towards understanding the communication mystery.

Observe to Do…
There’s a lot to be said about the act of the simple observation of a communication exchange taking place. You are able to watch body language, tone, and the impact that words have on each party during the conversation. This is why the first step in becoming an observant and effective communicator is simply to watch the exchange of communication between two people. Pay attention to body language, compare what you see to what you hear and check for consensus between the two actions. There is often a disconnect between what is said and what is being expressed non-verbally. It’s a good idea to make note of this because it will help you to ask questions that draw out the true meanings and desires inherent in every conversation.

Ask Questions…
For most, this is an action that is easier said than done. Most of us are afraid to ask questions because of the effect we feel it may have on someone else’s perception of us. Learn to sail past this insecurity and gently yet clearly ask for the clarification that you may need to get to the heart of a situation. Even if you have to ask three questions to get the answer and information you are truly seeking, do so politely. The clarity that asking well put together questions will give you is an invaluable tool when it comes to navigating conversations with the opposite sex. Keep in mind that meanings exist inside people and not necessarily in the words they are using. Always ask for clarification in terms of how a word is being used. The same word can mean something entirely different to you than it means to someone else. Once you’ve established the intended meanings of the words that are being used to convey a message, the conversation will be much more interesting, and most importantly, more effective.

Put What You Know into Action…
Attempt a simple conversation with a member of the opposite sex based upon a simple exchange like the price of an item or the way a product works. Listen carefully and ask questions whenever the meaning of what is being said becomes confusing to you. Ask enough questions to develop enough of an understanding to continue the conversation. Practice this method until you’re comfortable asking questions when you don’t understand something that has been said. After you’ve become comfortable with asking questions, strike up a conversation with someone of the opposite sex that you’re interested in. Ask general questions and give the person a generous amount of time to respond to you. When you become confused gently ask for clarification. Before you convene the conversation, make sure that the exchange you just had was clear on your part and that you understood everything that was expressed to you. Continue practicing this process until you’re comfortable with it.

Communication can be a scary venture when it occurs between two members of the opposite sex, however, these conversations are opportunities to perfect the communication process and to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the other person is communicating to you. Be gentle and patient with yourself, the other person in the conversation, and the message itself. People attach their own meanings to words and this is why it’s best to ask for clarification before assuming anything. Practice matching body language with spoken words and when it doesn’t add up, ask questions. Be honest and take your time. If someone is using happy expressive words to talk about something, yet their body language expresses non-pleasant, non-happy thoughts, ask why and express why you are asking the question as well. Plain clear communication creates understanding. This is the first step toward learning how to effectively communicate with the opposite sex. The more truth and clarity that’s involved in a conversation, the better the results are. Your aim should be understanding and clarity during the communication process. Practice makes better communication…and a few more dates…maybe??!!

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Men and Las Vegas Escorts – The Hype

Las Vegas is known for many things but one of the most notable things that people associate with Las Vegas is their escort services. Las Vegas has the distinction of being the only part of the country where escorting is legal, although there are many laws surrounding this legality that people overlook. This is just one of the many aspects of Las Vegas escorting that if overhyped. Here are several other items to think about.

First, The Legality

While prostitution is legal in Nevada, it isn’t in Las Vegas and you have to step outside the proper city to visit one. That is why the bunny ranches that are located out of Vegas prop are so popular and transparent while other escort services operate more under the radar, as they do in other states. The ranches are legal and the other services aren’t. However, police officers tend to be less vigilant when pursuing legal action against escorts and johns due to the quasi-legal status in Nevada.

Finding an Escort May Not Be Easy

There are many escort agencies than operate in Vegas and many independents who do as well. After all, there is a lot of money and powerful people who congregate in the city and this attracts escorts. The sin city image of the city doesn’t hurt either. While Vegas escorts re much hyped in this regard, you will likely need to do a bit of work to find a quality escort in Vegas that you want to use, similar to what you would need to do in any other city that you are seeking out an escort. Visiting the online listings for escorts as well as calling agencies who are advertising their services are two of the most popular options for those looking for an escort.

Looks and Variety

One area that Las Vegas really delivers in terms of escorts is the sheer variety of escorts in the city. All of the wealth and splendor attracts an incredible variety of escorts to the city. However, they are not all models or actresses in the making. While lollipop escorts with their bubblegum like appearances certainly do exist in Vegas, you will have to seek out this look. You may be more likely to find a normal looking girl escorting than lollipop escorts, after all.

Some people can satisfy peculiar fetishes when visiting escorts in Vegas. Some are willing to accommodate s&M fantasies while others are even couples friendly escorts. If you and your loved one are looking to play together couples friendly escorts may give you the best chance to fulfill your fantasy. Las Vegas is truly a place where your dreams and fantasies can come true.

Cost Structures and Bargains

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. While the significant number of Vegas escorts creates a lot of supply, the demand is there for them as well and you won’t be getting these bargain basement prices for escorts either. You will, however, have a full line of escorts to choose from and can find an escort for your need whatever the budget that you have. The higher end you look the more elite runway model escorts you are likely to find, though. Just be prepared to pay more for these elite looking model like escorts. Agencies don’t offer much in the way of cost savings either. So be aware of that, particularly when visiting a ranch of some kind. Escorts in Vegas are widely available though and there are wide range of price points that you can secure them at.

Safety Matters

Many people believe that visiting Vegas escorts is safer than escorts in other cities as they are more regularly tested and supported by agencies. In some aspects this is true and in others it is hype. While escorts in Vegas at the ranches are tested regularly for diseases, practicing safe sex is important in these situations as well and not many escorts would consider the alternative. Be sure to insist on using proper protection and run from any who are willing to not use protection, even if you think it will be safe. You should always encounter for your physical safety avoid visiting locations that are unsafe or not monitored and away from help if they are needed. Ranches and other professionally run places are the safest option for many people, but there are always other agencies or independents who will visit your hotel room or vice versa who make for a safe and professional environment. Safety always matters and is important to both you and your escort, so be careful and alcohol and drug-free while visiting one.

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Things That Men and Women Do Differently

Men and women all share this planet, together, and while we all have so many things in common, there are quite a bit of things that men and women do differently than each other. Curious to find out what they are? Keep on reading.

Paying At Restaurants

We all go out to eat, occasionally, right? Nothing out of the ordinary, there. But did you know that men and women pay for their meal differently while in the company of others?

If the total bill for the meal comes back as $37.50, and there are three men eating together; they will each pitch in a twenty dollar bill and act like they are not worried about any change coming back. They won’t bother to pay with a smaller bill, even if they have one. When women are out eating, and the bill arrives, each one of them will do the math for exactly how much they owe and then discuss how much to pitch in for the tip, as well.

Purchasing Goods or Services

Men will, literally, pay two times the amount for something just because it appears to be worth more, due to its price. They usually only do this with things that they actually need. Women, on the other hand, will purchase something at half of its normal price, just because it is on sale, whether they need it or not.


Both men and women remove their clothing in much different ways than each other. While women cross their arms in front of themselves in order to better grip the hem of their clothes when taking their tops off, men will place their arms behind their shoulders and pull their shirts or other top accessories off. Because women’s clothing is made to fit tighter, generally speaking, women, most of the time, only undress this one way. Men, on the other hand, will sometimes switch back and forth, doing it the more common way and then sometimes undressing themselves the same way that women do.

They Throw A Ball Differently

If you are a man, you have most definitely heard the expression, “you throw like a girl.” The reason this expression exists, is because men and women throw a ball differently. Women, generally, throw a ball in an upward direction from bottom to top while holding the ball with both hands in front of their body. While men, tend to throw a ball from behind and above their head. It’s a mystery as to why, but this is the way it has been for a long time.

Items Found In Men and Women’s Bathrooms

While men typically have about 5 to 6 items in their bathroom, including, a toothbrush, shampoo, soap, razor, and towel, women, on average, have over 200. Most men would be put to task to identify many of the items that a women finds essential to have in the bathroom.

They Yawn Differently

Most likely due to it looking more elegant and feminine, when women yawn, they use an open palm to shield their mouth. When men yawn, they cover their mouth with their fist.

Differences In The Way Men and Women Sit

Men to tend to spread out more and keep their knees far apart when sitting. This is because, first, men usually don’t have to worry about having their legs open, because they are usually wearing clothing that won’t reveal anything and, second, because this tends to be one way that men express their masculinity. Most women will sit with their legs crossed and, often, will wrap their legs around one another. This is because women wear skirts or other types of clothing that will reveal themselves if they don’t sit this way.

Men and Women See The World Differently

Women have better peripheral vision than men, and this is believed to be because women, typically, need to pay attention to where kids are and keep them out of danger. Men can see more clearly, further ahead, and have better spatial awareness, in general, but they often have a harder time finding things or seeing what’s directly around them.

Going To The Bathroom

Women almost always use the bathroom sitting down, and men more than often do so standing up, unless they have to go number two. This is true whether a toilet is involved or not, because when out in nature men and women tend to do the same thing, except women crouch down instead of sitting.

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